Technical Project Manager

Zagreb, Rijeka, Zadar and Osijek, Croatia

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This job ad is in English but feel free to write in Croatian!

Software solution development projects are different from traditional projects in other industries. Due to many unknown factors related to real user needs, available technology, and environments for software solutions, we’re looking for an approach based on research, testing, understanding the situation, and quickly altering the course. Just that. 🙂 

The project manager’s skill set should, therefore, be slightly different in comparison to other industries. Except for the essential project manager skills and competencies (organization, leadership, communication, negotiation, and planning), technical project manager skills include three more key skills:

  1. Foundational knowledge of IT infrastructure and architecture - because you don`t want to feel lost, and because you need to deal with all the challenging questions from deluxe developers, business analysts, and engineers (good luck with that 🙂).
  2. The balance between the roles of project manager and technical consultant - once a developer, always a developer - we like it, but there needs to be a balance between working "in" and "on" the project for a technical project manager. Of course, everyone will appreciate it if you jump in and help your team in resolving complex technical problems, but your main focus should be on steering the project to an on-time, on-budget delivery.  
  3. Ability to communicate effectively in both technical and non-technical terms - technical project managers often work with non-technical PMs so they must be able to give clear, concise status reports and updates to customers, organizational leaders, and stakeholders who don’t necessarily have a technical background. 

Our ideal future Technical PM colleague should have the following skillset, characteristics, and knowledge: 

  • 3-5 years of experience in software development projects (as a system engineer, developer, business analyst, etc.)
  • highly skilled in written and spoken English and Croatian
  • has an interest in modern technologies, methodologies, and paradigms, otherwise you`ll be lost in the clouds (unfortunately, not cloud)
  • can focus in a dynamic environment and simultaneously work on multiple projects without burning out because our ideal TPM knows how to break down their workload
  • good communication skills with all kinds of people (from haters to unstirred optimists). Disclaimer: although people at CROZ cherish laid-back communication and good sense of humor, when push comes to shove we can be deadly serious.
  • knows how to motivate the project team in all the right ways - food and drinks (or other legal supstances), authentic jokes and everything their hearts desire
  • understands customer`s (business) perspective and builds a healthy relationship between customers and the development team even if it seems like mission impossible
  • monitors projects from beginning to end better than a hawk and actively participates in all stages of a project’s cycle: from eliciting the first set of customers requirements, through iterative development, all the way to the final delivery of the software solution and all necessary documentation
  • helps the team to organize its workload while respecting deadlines. Let`s be realistic, it may sometimes happen that the team will find itself in a bottleneck. It is then your duty to encourage them to best of your abilities to ease up the stressful time.
  • does not endorse the status quo: constantly considers new ways to improve themselves, the project team, the delivery and the relationship towards the client, and actively participates in implementing improvements with creative and pragmatic approach to problem-solving
  • previous experience in managing technical projects is not necessary, but it is desirable. However, it is necessary for the candidate to possess a deep understanding of the software development process, a passion for quality and a wish to improve the process and take initiative.

Our future colleague is not just another gear in the system, but rather an active creator of our organizational culture - read more here

Sounds like your resume? Apply! 🙂

Technical Project Manager

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Technical Project Manager