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Who are we?

We’re an IT company and we spend most of our time designing and developing software solutions for our clients across the world. Nurturing agile and lean values and continuously building cross-functional teams skilled in using modern tools and technologies is one of our top priorities.

We’re crazy about cloud-native architectures running on Kubernetes, integrating stuff with Kafka and moving data around with Flink and Spark. Be it Spring Boot or Micronaut, Java or Groovy, React or Angular, our goal is always the same - to make our users spend their time using our applications rather than browsing social media.

We’re also well-known for our amazing parties, dynamic events and unforgettable team-building experiences. The one-of-a-kind working environment we offer at CROZ keeps attracting talented people to our teams.


The CROZ Partner program is all about helping young companies grow and succeed. We offer resources and support on organizational growth, as well as advice on talent management. We also have a recruitment and selection component to help companies find the best candidates for their teams.

And it's not just for companies - candidates can also benefit from the program. You can choose the location that works best for you, whether that's in Zagreb, Rijeka, Zadar, Osijek, or Munich. No matter where you go, you'll have access to all the resources and support you need to thrive in your career.


...that you can get in CROZ

The right tools and high-quality equipment
Challenging projects
Deluxe mentor(s)
Direct and friendly communication
Education and well-stocked library
Flexible working hours
Influence on the workflow
Cafeteria and other perks (coffee, company bike, yearly physical exams, parties...)


You're the one that we want?

If you can relate to the bullets listed below, think no more! You belong in CROZ:

  • You’re proactive: you show initiative and pitch ideas, you don’t need to be pushed because you are a self-driven person.
  • You’re reliable: your colleagues can count on you, you take responsibility and care about our well-being just like we care about yours.
  • You prefer direct communication: you’re open and honest towards others, both in good and in bad times .
  • You’re no stranger to teamwork: even though you can solve problems by yourself, you’re not afraid to ask others for help, work in a team and pass on knowledge to younger colleagues.
  • You love a dynamic and casual working atmosphere: CROZ is proud of its friendly working atmosphere where authority is earned by effort, knowledge and hard work. Due to the dynamic nature of the workplace, we’re looking for flexibility and openness towards new experiences.

CROZ Summer Accelerator

Internship program

Students have been part of our story from the beginning. We love them so much that in 2017 we started a new chapter with our student internship program - the CROZ Summer Accelerator.

Outstanding mentors, real-world projects, agile teamwork, and sexy technologies are our secret ingredients that have blown away all 195 participants (and counting). 

The program is so important to us that we dedicated a whole new website to the Summer Accelerator - check it out here.

Get lucky! :)

We`re always looking for:


What makes CROZ different?

We have a (really) personalized approach to our team members, all in order to ensure their complete satisfaction. While some of them are travelling all over Europe and working with our international clients, others are into a more dynamic workflow and are alternating between technologies and tools with every project, while some have decided to completely specialize in a specific tool. However, everyone at CROZ shares one thing: we all like pleasant and relaxed working environments and good relationships between colleagues. This is what we work on every day. We build people – because people are the company!

How many members in a team, how many employees in the company?

We’ve started counting 200 software solutions lovers (in Zagreb)! On the other hand, each project has its own project team which is perfectly sized. :) Apart from project teams, our employees are grouped into clusters specializing in a certain technology (or more of them) in order to enable a quick and high-quality transfer of knowledge. No matter the team you’re in, we all respect the same rules: fair play towards colleagues and sharing knowledge with them.

What’s our equipment like?

All our employees are provided with high-quality equipment and tools (source control, issue tracking, quality control, build tools, testing support tools, as well as everything necessary for a good DevOps process). Every employee gets a laptop (Lenovo), a monitor and all the licenses necessary.Dress code?The only thing you should avoid wearing to work is flip-flops. Apart from that, it’s pretty casual. :D

What if I don’t have a/the required degree?

If you understand what we are doing and possess all the necessary characteristics to become a CROZ team member, you don’t necessarily need a/the degree. :)Our doors are also open to university students, high-school students and adults (no matter the age) willing to work, learn and use their knowledge. Alongside our experienced and endearing mentors, nothing is a real obstacle!

What if I have more questions for you? 

We would be glad to answer any questions you might have - mail us at posao@croz.net and get your answers. 

Zagreb, Rijeka, Zadar, Osijek, Beograd, Ljubljana, München

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