Data Integration Specialist (ETL Developer) and/or Business Intelligence Development Specialist

Zagreb, Croatia

For years now, CROZ has been improving their services in various segments such as Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence and advanced analytics. We’re actively participating in and researching new technologies and methodologies that affect the DWH and BI solutions’ development cycle.

Our motto is to create legitimate (Data Quality) and useful (Usability) information intended for making business decisions (Business Intelligence). You are welcome to join our team if you recognize yourself in (at least some of) the following symptoms:

  • You like agile (Scrum) and sustainable (Lean) work ;
  • You’d like to use advanced patterns for data integration (ETL, CEP, CDC, Data Masking, Data Virtualization…) ;
  • You would like to observe Big Data (Hadoop, DWH appliance) by using advanced analytics (predictive analysis and/or data mining) ;
  • You’d like to visualize and socialize (Social BI) information into useful and interactive dashboards that support mobile platforms (Mobile BI), as well ;
  • You wish to develop interesting data models (Data at Rest) and integration processes (Data in Motion) as part of the sustainable Integration Factory ;
  • You are interested in projects, technologies and tools for Data Quality Management and/or Master Data Management (MDM), where you would use Data Governance procedures.

If you are independent and skilled in SQL and/or noSQL or have experience with DWH and BI technologies, welcome! 🙂

P. S. This invite does not exclude young and ambitious engineers who are interested in the aforementioned technologies and who feel ready to apply for an ETL or BI trainee position.

So what are you waiting for? Apply. 🙂

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